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A band on their path to greatness. Arguably the most exciting rock band on the Scandinavian music scene right now. At the age of 18 and 19 Rud Aslak and Rasmus Theodor released two debut-albums instead of one as a testament to their creativity, diversity, productivity and a general salute to the album format that they love. The band are currently working on their follow-up due for release in 2020.


Gritty and rebellious, KING makes nuanced and mature pop music with genuine emotional heft. KING first announced herself on the world stage in summer 2016 with the release of debut single ‘Promise’. The Danish/Cuban singer just released her debut album ‘I Made It’, unravelling KING in a modern, international and varied soundscape, that oozes of raw energy the way a true debut-album does.


Widely considered the biggest talent ever to emerge from the Scandinavian hip hop scene, Liam O’Connor has risen to near legend status with his enduring, uncompromising and artistic incorruptibility. Platinum hits, countless awards and record-setting is one thing, timelessness another. L.O.C. carries that rare gift of genius, loyalty, integrity, humility and courage.



Korantemaa is the moniker of 19-year-old Swedish vocalist and musician Johanna Karlsson. After years spent writing, recording and performing music for an audience online via her YouTube channel, Karlsson has grown beyond the borders of Sweden with impressing millions of views and subscribers on her YouTube channel. Taking the young DIY artist to European festival scenes like Lollapalooza, Eurosonic and Pitchfork Festival.


Liberty is Mattias Kollstrup’s long anticipated indie-pop-punk solo project set to hit the scene this summer. Mattias achievedplatinum status, toured the globe and won heaps of awards (European Boarder Breakers Award, Danish Music Awards, Gaffa Awards, P3 Guld) with his first band Duné back in the 2010’s. Liberty is ready with the debut album “Haven’t Felt This Great Since 1988”, set for release this summer on his own label Fickle Binge Records. Having his own label provided full creative control to make an uncompromising, eclectic and fiery rock album catering to no-one. Galvanized by the indie rock pop song the album inhabits the punk attitude of the 80’s and the spirit of the 70’s rock gods, and above all delivers the good songs.


Having industriously worked his way up from the Copenhagen underground with an extensive stream of releases since 2013, Snavs constantly pushes his creativity, exploring new genres and alternative collaborations, seeing him garner worldwide acclaim. Relentless touring and a second-to-none work ethic have taken him to every corner of the Earth, at prestigious headline slots and festivals alike. 

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